PaintSupreme is a fun, easy-to-use, full featured paint and photo editor. With an outstanding graphic interface, a wide range of features that can compete with any other image editor, PaintSupreme provides users with a very cool environment for creating and polishing their images.

With this tool you get access to layer based image editing, color adjusting tools, selection tools, painting and retouching tools, text tools, various filters, transform tools, and vector tools. Add, support for Wacom graphic tablets, you get a powerful versatile and flexible image editing application.
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Noone has ever heard of it

I looked for reviews of this software, and found only canned descriptions of what it does. Noone appears to have ever heard of it. In particular, I've got no clue what this program would do for me that Paint Shop Pro IX and X won't. I would...
Dora Smith, 17.09.2012, 23:44
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have a choice in preferences to change the screen colour, the black is too dark to hardly see

jennine, 17.09.2012, 23:47
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Paint supreme looks slick, fancy and it's perfect for someone with the low budget. However according to your site the 19.90$ price tag is a 'special introductory price'. Don't raise the price, you can't compete against GIMP if your product is 30$ or

Nike Gered, 17.09.2012, 07:35
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